2015 – A new year, a new beginning – 2016

Another school year is beginning. Teachers, you never know who is sitting in your classroom. Some of my former middle school students are doing amazingly well. Many now have classrooms of their own, are managing their own businesses, enjoying nursing careers, at least one holds a professorship at a major university, several are world travelers, and my most consistent overachiever may soon be interpreting at the United Nations! Make good memories this school year and enjoy each moment.

Sue Whited, Voice II

When I reflect on the new school year, I remember Principal McGee from “GREASE.” She dramatically plays the xylophone as she reminds the students how they can perhaps be the next Eleanor Roosevelt, President Eisenhower, or Joe DiMaggio. As she calls out the prominent names, the different characters who portray the high school students, lift up their chins, poke out their chests, or display wide grins as they think on the possibility of being someone great. The bottom line is that all students really are already great within because of their Creator. They just need our help  to discover it.

Question: How does the teacher or parent in you help bring out the possibility of greatness in each student or child you will directly impact in this new year.

Answer: We must remember to “look-up” and ask God to show us the heart of that child as He sees it. We must be mindful that each person has been given unique  gifts, skills and talents in order  to perform  or complete a specific assignment in this life. Parents and educators alike  are given  the privilege to help a child discover his or her reason for being. As God begins to show us things, our compassionate eyes become more aware and are opened to see new levels. This better insight enables us to love and mold  the ones we least like and to discipline and challenge  the ones who are so easy to love. All  of these actions can be  done  within such  a balanced intricate  realm  that the best in each child is forced to surface beyond what we initially thought was ever possible.

Remember, you have the power to help every student you teach this year reach his or her next level of growth.  Please don’t waste it.

Deidre Hester, Voice I

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