One God, Two Voices

Recipe for affecting change: Start with the beleaguered teaching profession and add two best friends of different races, cultures, and ages who meet in the classrooms of a middle school. Simmer with a candid two-way discussion of diverse topics, and baste with an underlying strong faith in God and His Word. The eye-opening result is One God, Two Voices: Life-Changing Lessons from the Classroom on the Issues Challenging Today’s Families by Deidre Hester and Sue Whited, which updates and expounds on the authors’ earlier work, For Such a Time as This . . . We Are But Small Voices. Expect to be challenged, convicted, and perhaps changed!

The mission of is to provide a united platform that will encourage and support the education profession, help break down racial and cultural divides, and uphold God’s Word as the standard for our daily living in order to leave a lasting legacy for our children.

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