He knows you!

58-AnotherGlacierPostcardI just returned from an amazing trip to Alaska. I thought West Virginia was God’s country . . . and then I saw parts of our 49th state. Everywhere we visited was magnificent in scope and showed evidence of God’s handiwork. From the flight across the country where I soared above the fluffy clouds to the breathing spouts of numerous whales I observed from the deck of our cruise ship, I was reminded of how small and insignificant I am in comparison to God’s creation. Later, as we waited in the crowded Seattle airport for our return flight, I considered that every single person scurrying by me with luggage, baby strollers, or carry-on bags was known by God. That same Creator of all I had seen on our trip knows them and He knows you. Now that is truly amazing!

Sue – Voice II

I agree with Sue that  West Virginia is truly God’s country, although I never thought so as a child. Growing up in NYC with The Statue of Liberty, The Twin Towers, and The Empire State Building as ordinary features just added to my narrow, youthful mind. At one time, my impression  of West Virginia was that it was just another “Hicksville USA.” Why in the world did John Denver ever write such a lovely song about such a wood-filled place, I would ask? That was until I had the opportunity to visit Sue and her family there, and found myself in awe while driving through those breath-taking mountains. When my husband and I actually drove through a mountain that God had allowed mere man to forge out of His spectacular creation, my heart pounded like a woman in love at first sight! I realized that my perception of West Virginia was all wrong. My previous judgment had remained in an infant state because I had made little effort to mature it until I was offered and took the opportunity to actually experience the Mountain State.

Question: How many times do we view others based on our own limited views, experiences, or knowledge of what we feel “we just know?”

Thought: God made us all unique and with a purpose. We must recognize that just like every place has the simple and the spectacular all mixed in together, so does each individual. We must seek to find the good – the spectacular – in everyone. Don’t ever limit God or His creation.

Deidre – Voice I

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