A Lesson From a Daffodil

I’ve been busy lately, but in all the activity I’ve been reminded that blessings and hope remain. For example, last week several of us from our small church worked to pick up fresh produce to add to the 100+ boxes of food that we had packed earlier and would give away in our “drive-thru” food pantry on Saturday. I never considered how heavy multiple bags of potatoes,cabbage, and apples could be! Saturday was cold but sunny as we set up tables and pallets for the food that would be given away in less than two hours. People are so grateful to receive the food and the offer of prayer several of us offer. I am always blessed to experience being a blessing to others.

This week I have also had the opportunity to transport and watch my granddaughter at her 2-hr volleyball practices. The amount of energy out there on the court wears me out just watching. Time spent with her = blessing.

As I pulled out of our driveway several days ago, a brief spot of color caught my eye. It was a full-blooming daffodil standing straight up in my flower bed. It wasn’t there days earlier! The unseasonably warm weather must have encouraged that reminder of approaching Spring, and once again I was blessed.

I guess the rationale for this entire post is to encourage all of us to look for the bright spots – the blessings – in our daily lives. We need these “uppers” to outweigh the negatives. So look for the daffodils, the blessings, in your life in the coming days. It could make all the difference in the way you view your circumstances.

God bless – Sue

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