A Good Day

It’s February 10th and the temperature has reached 73.° Such a beautiful, sunny day, at least for several more hours before some rain may move into the area. So my husband suggested that it was a perfect day to get out of the house and take a drive.

We head down the road into the countryside of nearby NC and see a sign for a ferry. The next trip is in 90 minutes, so we find some lunch and head back to wait for our ride. Nothing to do but rest and relax. What a blessing! How many hard working folks would love to have the opportunity that we found by chance.

Pulling onto the ferry, we find ourselves at the front with nothing much to obscure the view. With windows down, we enjoyed the sunshine, breeze, and scenery. After reaching land, we discovered a way home through back roads and didn’t need to wait for a return ride on the ferry. In the midst of a winter month, an unexpected adventure was provided for us – it was a good day. I hope the Lord blesses you with one soon.

God bless – Sue

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