Lesson From the Polls

Last week my husband and I worked the mid-term election at one of the polls in our large Virginia city. It seemed like a good idea back in March when we signed up and trained, and as a former social studies teacher, I looked forward to doing my part to help the election process. From setting up the election site at 5:00 am to the two hour process it took to close it down, the 16-hr day was exhausting, but it was also exhilarating. The fact that I’m writing this blog over a week later proves that a recovery time was necessary, and that the busyness of life continued.

One of the most enjoyable parts of that long day was the people I was able to greet and thank for their vote. They came in all sizes, ages, races, dress, and personalities. I’m a “people” person and really enjoyed this constant, ever-changing interaction. An incredible thought occurred to me that every one of them was known by my Heavenly Father. The next thought asked the question, “Do they know Him?”

This encouraged me to understand the importance of sharing of Jesus in these chaotic times. Yes, it’s important to be civic-minded and to volunteer for helpful activities, but the far more crucial task is sharing the eternal life and peace that comes from accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. I will keep looking for ways to do this – please join me.

God bless – Sue

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