Treat or Blessing

It’s the time of year when many churches offer an alternative to Halloween “trick or treating” with their Fall Festivals, offering food, games, music, and of course, candy, to those attending. This fun appeals to children, but brings adults to the church facilities as well. The purpose behind all the effort is to invite those who attend to become a part of the church family, attending services and activities on a regular basis, not just for a special event. It is hoped that Sunday worship, Bible teaching, and supportive care will result in people accepting Jesus as their Savior – a decision that will have an eternal blessing.

If you and your family attended such an event this weekend, I encourage you to go back for Sunday worship services. There might be Sunday School for all ages, singing, a special message, and perhaps, opportunities for you to serve others too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a visit for kids’ treats turns out to be a blessing for the whole family!

I heard a song this morning that I’d like to share. The words are true and I hope you enjoy.

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