A Blessing, Even With Bugs!

This past week my husband and I spent several days with family and friends camping on Assateague island in Maryland. Even though our reservations touted the beauty of the island with its wild horses, other wildlife, and pristine beach, it also warned us to bring plenty of insect repellent because of the abundance of what I call “bugs.” We set up our campers amidst those horses, and marveled at their ease around people, even though we were told to stay 40 feet away. Sweating in the heat of the day since we had no electricity to run air conditioning, I sought out the shade, appreciated the breezes blowing almost continually, and was tempted to curse those relentless flying critters who seemed to hone in on any area of exposed skin that hadn’t been sprayed with Repel. More than once I marveled at God’s creation from the vastness of the ocean with it’s dolphins we observed one morning and the tiny crabs scurrying away from sea gulls, to the marshlands with deer and egrets and beautiful landscape. I had to remind myself that He created those insects too.

I think the best part of the time spent in this place was being able to visit with family and connect with friends who became family over these few days. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the blessing of this time – even with bugs!

Blessings – Sue

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