The True Light

The other night, i turned on the nightlight in my bathroom only to find that it had burned out. I had already switched off the bathroom light as I reached to turn on that alternate source. It was startling to me how dark my surroundings seemed.

I liken that experience to the way the world and my country, seem to me today. Somehow the light in our lives and culture has been turned way down, or is off entirely. When I think of times past – ten, twenty or more years ago – the contrast is amazingly dark. Everything is acceptable, nothing is deemed wrong. In fact the concept of “right and wrong” seem to not even be considered anymore, lest someone be offended.

May I offer a suggestion? We need the love of Christ. He himself told people that He was “the Light of the world.” The quote above says it all. If we follow what He taught, our world will be so much brighter. We will treat others as we want to be treated, and seek after truth. Jesus is the Light that we all need to follow.

God bless.


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