Who Is My Neighbor?

Once a month my small church conducts a drive-thru food pantry to benefit those who need help for their families. We give them bags of non-perishable groceries and whatever else has been collected through our resources – yesterday it was socks and gloves. The cars come by and volunteers speak to the people inside, offering food choices, an invitation to our worship service, and asking if they have any prayer needs. Most of our visitors are grateful for the offer of prayer and tell us of illnesses, wayward children, or losses of jobs and loved ones. Many people we meet are broken, physically and spiritually. In the midst of all the uncertainty this world is currently offering, they are adrift without an anchor.

I’m sure your neighborhood has the same needs as the one surrounding my church. People are hurting and they need encouragement. More than that, they need a Savior, the One who cares for them. Share Him today.

God bless – Sue

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