In Our Losses . . .

I’m awakening to news of increasing tensions on the Ukraine/Russia border, a second winter storming approaching our area within a week, continuing political unrest within our country, and updates on more hospitalizations and deaths among people I know or have been asked to lift in prayer. The challenges continue as life as we knew it is still gone two years after it went missing. Many people are really struggling with losses, especially of loved ones. A scripture – Isaiah 57:1-2 – that I read today on one of my devotion sites speaks directly to those questions we have when struggling with the heartache of losing someone.

I have actually had the thought over the past couple of years that I’m glad the family members who I’ve lost over the years are not alive to see what is happening to our country and the world. I am relieved that they are at peace with the Lord. For those walking day by day under heavy loads of grief, I hope my thoughts, these verses, help. God bless.

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