The Wind and the Waves . . .

One of my daily devotions comes from the Upper Room online site ( It provides scripture and an accompanying story, written by ordinary people who wish to share their thoughts. One of my favorite aspects of this UR format is the comment section where people from all over the world reply to the ideas presented and share prayer requests.

Today I commented on the devotion based on Mark 4:35-41. This is the account of Jesus’ response to a storm on the Sea of Galilee that was threatening to sink the boat He and the disciples were using to cross to the other side. I hope my words on this website and the UR’s remind many that we are in good hands. God bless.


“This was an appropriate scripture this morning as many of us are praying for the Gulf Coast, as it is under the threat of yet another hurricane.
I noticed a phrase in the scripture (I checked KJV too) that I’d never really seen before: “They left the crowd and took Him in the boat just as He was.”
Was Jesus exhausted or sick? He fell asleep in the boat.
In His humanity, the One who created everything needed some rest. He has to understand our fleshly weaknesses. He cares and He still can calm the storms in our lives.
Prayers for those who need His personal touch today.”

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