Not Alone

Hello all.
It’s been nine weeks – over two months – since my last post. What an experience each day has been, filled with things I have never seen or done before. I’ve stayed home most days, only venturing out for early-morning shopping during Senior hours. I have missed our son and his family who only live 30 minutes away, but who I had not seen since March 15, until last week. I have missed their hugs, my granddaughter’s giggles, and her brother’s sarcasm. I just miss my life!
I imagine that last sentence is echoed across our country, perhaps the world.
However, there have been blessings from these months of isolation as well. I now follow four pastors’ sermons online plus continue to worship with my congregation via Zoom and Facebook live. That never would have happened without the lockdown. I hope you are enjoying one of those pastors, Dr. Kenneth Stevenson’s sermons, on this blog site. He is a fellow author with Deidre’s and my publishing company, Morgan James Publishing. I know I am learning from him every Sunday.
Let me leave you with this thought: Covid-19 didn’t catch God by surprise; He allowed it. However, He has promised to go with us, to be with us through any trouble, illness, or challenges we face. He is God, Emmanuel, Who is “God with us,” and we can trust Him. You are not alone.

God bless you all,

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