Encouraging Young Writers

photo2                                            Hello to Mrs. Cash’s class in Orlando, FL !

Deidre and I met Mrs. Cash at the FACCS conference in Orlando last November. She bought our book and was kind enough to let us know how much she enjoyed it. One of her requests was that we could encourage her sixth graders to try their hands at writing also. So this blog post is a big “SHOUT OUT” to her class with a few suggestions to hopefully light the writing fire under these students, so they can begin creating their own work:

🖊 How about a daily journal or diary where you can write down important or everyday events that happen in your life? These entries could eventually lead to writing stories about them. (You’ll look back later and enjoy remembering!)

🖊 Are you interested in your roots? You could ask your family for names, dates, and past history concerning ancestors, and write stories about them. Put yourself back in their time period and tell the story from your perspective.

🖊 How about sports? You could write about your favorite team’s latest victory or loss, the Super Bowl game, or NBA playoff? Maybe hockey, tennis, golf, or something you saw from the recent Winter Olympics would be a good choice for you. (This could eventually lead to a commentator’s job on a TV or radio station as they have to write their own scripts.)

🖊 What about starting a class or individual newspaper that tells about weekly happenings at your school? If you enjoy drawing, you could sketch some pictures as well.

🖊 Do you like video games? How about writing a story based on one of them. Choose a character and get started on your very own imaginary adventure.

Any or all of these suggestions can get you started in writing. Someone once said, “Practice makes perfect.” Like anything else, the more you write, the easier it becomes. Maybe one day, you can begin your very own fiction or non-fiction book. Get those words down on paper!

We wish you well,

“The Voices” – Sue and Deidre

2 thoughts on “Encouraging Young Writers

  1. I love this, ladies. Your writing ideas are so practical. Can I borrow them?
    PS Will you be at the homeschool convention in Cindy again this year? Blessings, gals.


  2. Jan, I thought I answered your comment earlier, but don’t see it. Please use these ideas and yes, we will be in Cincy in April.


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