Kneeling and looking up!


Deidre and I have been encouraged in learning about the Philadelphia Eagles focus on Jesus Christ this season. Several articles and pictures on social media have shown four or more teammates being baptized as other Eagles watched, their backup quarterback, Nick Foles, is an well-spoken Christian who contemplates becoming a pastor after his football career has ended, and the Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, gave glory to God for their Super Bowl win this past Sunday. To cap it all off, you can google a picture and video of the team kneeling in prayer on the field and in the locker room after their Super Bowl win.

Deidre and I have discussed several times during this controversial “anthem kneeling” season that there is only ONE reason to kneel, and that is to pray, give glory, or honor to God. It was so refreshing to actually see a football team do so.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles – the 2018 Super Bowl champions! Members of this team have set their priorities on something that will last into eternity:  a relationship with Jesus Christ.





2 thoughts on “Kneeling and looking up!

  1. It was encouraging to see a sport team pray and stand for our national anthem. I am not a foot ball fan but I wanted to watch because of this.


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