When Plans Fail, God Moves

If you watch the video accompanying this blog (please ignore my expression!), you will meet Deidre and I just minutes before we shared our first convention presentation, “Be the Salt & Light in Your Classroom.” As we say, we were excited, nervous, but ready – we thought.

We had our Power Point presentation ready to accompany our words, the video camera was ready to record excerpts from what we said, the music was playing to welcome those who chose to come to our presentation. Then, we realized that our computer wouldn’t communicate with the projector, so there would be no pictures and the room was filling.

What do you do when the plans fail? You pray and continue; then watch God move as only He can which is what He did for us. It was a wonderful presentation with many teachers moved to tears as they realized how important they are and how God can use them in their students’ lives. We were as blessed as the participants!

Deidre and Sue – The Two Voices


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Copies of the book can be purchased at https://onegodtwovoices.com/purchase/

Check out the video below:

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