Is This Good For Any of Us?


12509728_10206022832874000_4474128378620587302_n-Dr. K

You know the locations – Tulsa and Charlotte.

You’ve heard the news reports – two more Black deaths at the hands of the police.

Twenty out of twenty-fours hours a day, the news media is pumping out the stories and we’re asking: “Is this good for any of us?” The Voices stand united in our decision to pray for the unrest, for our police forces across the nation, and that unity and dialogue will come. We need the facts before spreading rumors that only serve to inflame everyone.

We need healing! Our prayers go out to the families of the two men who were killed, and to the police officers who were involved and their families. We were not there, but God was. He alone knows every aspect of the situations. Those who would use a tragic incident for violent behavior are only hurting everyone, as are those who refuse to acknowledge the ongoing injustices. We will all be judged one day for what we choose to do.

Please join us as we continue to go to prayer to the only One who is the Source of help and change. We agree with Franklin Graham when he says, “The only hope for this country is God.”

Deidre and Sue


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