Indecision Is No Decision




“Choose this day who you will serve . . .But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”    Joshua 24:15

Now more than ever it is time to choose the Lord’s way over the will of man. With each day, the news brings word of more ungodly decisions that seek to remove or dilute the rights of parents, educators, and Christians.  One of our major platforms is to encourage Christians to work their “sphere of influence” – the workplace, ball field, grocery store, or gym – and urge others to stand for God’s way and take this country back for Him. As we spoke to many people at the CHAPS Home School convention in PA recently, we repeatedly exclaimed to many that the legacy we are currently leaving our children is unacceptable! If we are indecisive about current issues affecting them, the world they inherit will not be a positive one. None of us want that, but few people realize that they can be an individual part of the solution.

This situation reminded us of part of the commencement speech we heard at Larry’s recent graduation from the University of Mount Union. Dr. Richard Drake spoke on several topics, encouraging the about-to-be graduates on their next steps after college. However, the most memorable one for Deidre and me was the statement he made about driving the interstate and noticing the “highway of flattened squirrels” along the way. He told the audience he felt their demise was directly related to the fact that they could not make a decision about which way to run in order to avoid the approaching car. Their indecision led to their death which resulted into a really ugly “SPLAT!” on the highway of life.

We feel that indecision is prohibiting many people from making changes that could positively affect our country, our culture, and our children. Some would say, “It’s too late.” We disagree – it’s never too late as long as we’re still here. Reflect on our title for this blog and make a resolution – even in June! Joshua’s example to stand for God’s ways regardless of any hardship enabled him to lead  well and be blessed. Our choice to do likewise will also allow us to live a life that results in positive change and blessings from our Father as well. May God bless you as you DECIDE to stand for Him and His ways.

The Voices- Deidre and Sue



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