This remnant says, “NO!”

Regarding the new law which forces public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity, we emphatically say, “NO!” So do many other people with whom we have spoken in the past few days as we ministered with our book in OH, WV, and PA.

We are a part of this “last day remnant” who will continue to take a stand based on God’s word. As educators, we fear that impressionable children are given no time to think through this gender identification situation and consider who they really are in God, before being accepted and manipulated by misguided adults.

Now even President Obama’s administration has become involved in the gender identity bathroom controversy. A joint letter from the Departments of Education and Justice have been sent to schools last week with guidelines to ensure that transgender students have a supportive school environment without discrimination. All this does is encourage mass chaos with bullying, ridicule, and division instead of the protection the Federal government envisioned. Unbelievably, anyone can choose which bathroom to enter in any school. It seems emotion has taken over. It promotes “how I feel” over “who I am.” Gentlemen, you remember middle school and high school – which bathroom do you think teenage males would choose to enter?

In the public arena, you could have adult males entering restrooms where women and children would definitely feel unsafe. They would not even have to be dressed as a female! All this for what is estimated to be .03% – .05% of the population, based on a 2011 survey by the Williams Institute.

More importantly, how does a Holy God feel about this? It’s time for those of us who still know right from wrong, and have a shred of common sense,to begin speaking out loudly and consistently. Let your “voices” be heard!

We want to hear your voice too! Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

The Voices – Deidre and Sue


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