Christianity Is Our Identity


How do I begin this post?

Is it for a specific group like teachers, students, pastors, beauticians, or is it written for everyone? I choose the latter because today we are all reaping the effects of people choosing to represent themselves through an identity that divides instead of unites. Whether we choose to see ourselves as our RACE (black, white, Hispanic, etc), our GENDER (male, female, transgender), or some other quality, all other choices tend to follow that decision. Men can see their identity in the strength of their body, and women choose control over their bodies rather than protecting the life that is growing within them. Growing numbers of confused young people are choosing to change the gender of their birth and switch to the “other side,” because they feel led to do so by the society or culture around them. Racial tensions are escalating at an alarming rate because many people identify with their color, culture, and ethnic background, without trying to understand or accept others who don’t share those characteristics. When looking at people, many of us refuse to see the PERSON instead of the PACKAGE.

Deidre and I have always taught and demonstrated by our relationship that we are more alike than different, despite obvious differences in our age, race, and background. However that unity came from within . . . from the God that is within. We have chosen to identify with Christ. Wouldn’t our world be far better if more of us would choose to do the same? We could come together instead of choosing to isolate in our individual chosen identities. I pray you think about it, because today we need unity more than ever.

Sue- Voice I

Are you still using phrases like, “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud,” ” Heritage not hate,” Black lives matter”, or “Proud to be an American” to define yourself? If so, shame on you.

In our book, One God, Two Voices (Ch. VI), Sue and I talk about joining the efforts of Pastor Donearl  Johnson who began the, “My Color Is Love” movement which has been fully endorsed and incorporated at our ministry by my pastor, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin.  “My Color Is Love” is used as the top motivational slogan at our church to remind us that whether we are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or any other race, we are all connected by love.   After all, when it comes to race what you see is not necessarily what you get. Many of us may look like a specific race but we can actually possess the genes of ancestors who may be of a race we consider inferior to our own. For instance, even though I look black, DNA evidence supports the fact that I have white and Native-American running through my veins. Racial tension will not easily go away because of the foundations are hate, bigotry, and division that were laid early on due to ignorance and skewed perception.

Now don’t get me wrong … Yes, as a black woman, I do believe strongly that African-American lives do matter. But if I go by what resides within my genes, shouldn’t white and Native-American lives count too? It is such a fallacy and hardship to consistently remain in racial, verbal, and physical brawls defending a race we identify with only on the surface. Christians are supposed to represent the largest percentage of Americans, but we remain so divided due to racial tension that non-Christians fail to see our unity and strength. We are such a global society now because of the advancement of technology and social media. Therefore, all lives must matter and count just as much as black ones or white ones, etc. It really is not just about blacks and whites anymore. That tune is so worn-out. Reality and scientific fact  declares that none of us are who we actually  appear to be physically on the surface.

The real TRUTH, that we all have to face eventually, declares that we must love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love our neighbors as ourselves. Who is my neighbor? My neighbor can be the person who lives next door to me, or an individual who may sit next to me at church, work or ride beside me on a city, school or cross-country bus. Jesus also spoke about the good Samaritan which ultimately teaches us that our neighbor is anyone who has a need that we are equipped to meet.

Heaven is certainly not going to be segregated, and we all need to practice how to walk in love now. So, what grade would you give yourself in the area of supporting your race or color and solely boasting it as all you plan to ever own? We challenge you to look at this from a different perspective: Through the eyes of colorless LOVE.

Deidre- Voice I

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