Don’t Forget To Be The Light

Jesus is often referred to as the “Light of the world.” His followers are encouraged to be as important to their world as salt and light was to His ancient one. Without salt, meat would spoil and be useless; darkness kept people indoors where it could only be overcome by the use of candles or lampstands.



I have been reminded lately of my role as His ambassador in the unique opportunity of attending many craft and vendor fairs to exhibit our book. I am meeting so many people who can benefit from a encouraging word, a personable smile, or a sincere handshake. However, since one of the missions of our book ministry is to try and encourage the teaching profession, whether from home or in the classroom, how does this message transfer to those involved in educating our young people? Teachers, youth leaders, coaches, Sunday school workers, and many others are all involved in training our children in one way or another. Unknowingly, they may be the only positive adult “light” that some of their students see, hear, and experience on a daily/weekly basis. They can truly be the “light” in a dark and dismal world for these needy children. Understanding this concept is so important as you plan and interact with the young people in your lives. As someone once told me, “If you look hard enough, you’ll always find a light.” I hope they “find” you – so let your light shine and impact the world around you!

Sue – Voice II

A few weeks back my niece, Latrice, came to our house for a visit. The excitement of our being together led us into continuous conversation, allowing us to catch up with things, stuff, and life in general. As she talked away, seemingly without any reserve, I listened intently. Suddenly, she paused and said, “Aunt Dee, I forgot to be the light, even though I know I have to be the light in my situation.” I paused and looked directly at her as I allowed her words to resonate in my spirit.

Feeling as though I had no choice in the matter, I began to reflect on times past when  I had likewise forgotten to be the light. I specifically remembered when I was on the phone with a cable representative, requesting a refund after experiencing a  three day disconnect of our phone, internet, and cable service. I became so frustrated that consequently, “Brooklyn” came out of me. That is what I call myself whenever I revert back to my BC(Before Christ) days. It is also when I become  extremely bold, uncaring, and highly attitudinal because I intend to make my point and have my way regardless of who is listening or watching. My husband reminded me with a soft scold and and said,  “Sister Hester, you didn’t sound saved right then.” I then had to repent and focus on what, “sounding and acting saved” should look like.

Jesus said, “You will know my disciples by their love.” God’s Love illuminates as light that cannot fail. We reveal that Christ really does abide within us by sharing the Fruit of the Spirit with others as needed.   Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control all come from the spirit of Christ that abides within us as Christians. We must be ready to reflect that light or respond with taste to any messed up situation, whether we feel like it or not.

We should not use the fact that we are on the phone (as I did), or in a car, or even in the midst of total strangers as an occasion to go on a spiritual hiatus because God is always watching us. Christians truly are Salt and Light, and must therefore, release  flavor and sunshine wherever we go – regardless. Indeed, it is our time to gleam – to glow and be the spice of life.

Deidre- Voice I

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