Children Are Watching!

Have you ever found yourself having an adult conversation and realized that a child was within listening range? What happened? Voices were immediately lowered or the topic was quickly changed.

thWV9388WL-Child 2


It seems we are in a situation right now where outrageous political behavior is not only openly discussed, but also shown on TV and social media repeatedly. I don’t think the public realizes how this can impact our children and the learning process. From kindergarten to high school, the next generation is watching and listening; then bringing often heard opinions into the classroom. Teachers, you have my sympathy on yet another distraction from your daily lessons.

When Deidre and I were discussing this post, she was reminded of a song, “What About the Children?” that Yolanda Adams sang years ago. One particular line still stands out to her: “To ignore them is so easy.” I pray that isn’t true for those of us in the education profession. We understand that children are our legacy and deserve our best. This is the opportunity to teach them and reach them because this year’s political climate gives educators an opportunity to have a rational discussion about differences, appropriate behavior, and positive scenarios. Even young ones are beginning to understand that some actions and speech are not acceptable. Unfortunately, they are also learning that even some adults have not mastered those skills. Your efforts to promote right over wrong is always a necessary one, and who knows – that might be the very best thing to result from this year’s tumultuous election coverage.

Sue and Deidre – “The Two Voices”

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