The Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Evil


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Is the current presidential race an appropriate topic for the Two Voices blog? We’ve decided it is, especially after both of us read an article written by Russell Moore from the Christianity Today’s website entitled “Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils.”

The raucous debates of the 2016 election are probably leaving a sour taste in the mouths of many people, and serving as free entertainment for others. Never before have I remembered such distasteful rhetoric coming from those who are running for the highest office in the United States. Every time I listen to the name-calling, hear about the “cheap tricks,” or reporters hinting at yet another misstep by one or more candidates, I just wish that those who stand for right were respected and leading in the polls instead of those who are participating in “sophomoric” behavior. I know students are watching because I taught Social Studies and would definitely have been following this race with them if I were still in the classroom. How embarrassing that would be! In this age of reality television, explicit videos, and tell-all social media, I guess the only candidates to garner the attention of the masses are those who fit the bill for the same type of entertainment. I would hope we would want someone a bit above that kind of behavior as the leader of the Free World!

So what should I do (and recommend for you as well) as this election process plays itself out? First of all, I need to pray for the candidates and also for myself, so I can choose wisely. Then I should carefully watch what is happening on the campaign trail by listening to several reports and networks to get an un-biased view. I need to decide who best represents what I feel are the most important issues with which our country needs to deal. The United States is failing in areas where we used to lead. This needs to stop and now!

I agree with Franklin Graham that also praying for our nation is so important at this time, especially the prayer from II Chronicles 7:14:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

I am watching as Mr. Graham travels to every state capital this year, holding prayer rallies for our country in each. I think even those who don’t usually think about prayer and the United States in the same sentence are finally realizing that we have strayed far from where we used to be. A former student recently posted that he is worried about the type of country his small children will be inheriting. That’s my feeling as well. Don’t choose the lesser of two evils! If you feel your candidate of choice is better than the ones nominated, I encourage you to avoid the “lesser” and write him/her in on the ballot, making a statement for good. God bless.

Sue – Voice II

I wholeheartedly agree with Russell Moore and Sue that choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil. We cannot pray to and acknowledge God by asking Him to direct us, and then do as we choose without any  regard to the direction we have been given. I did that eight years ago when I prayed about the hearts of the candidates. Realizing that only God knows the true motives of our hearts (Jeremiah 17:9 and I Samuel 16:7), I petitioned God regarding how I should cast my vote. I believed I was given direction, and I voted accordingly. However, in the very next election, I voted for the same candidate who I had previously rejected. It was obvious that I had leaned to my own understanding, and I had cast off God’s direction. I can openly speak on it now without any shame because I have privately repented to God, and I do not plan to make that particular mistake again.

 I feel such an obligation as a citizen of the United States to vote during each election now, although I previously did not feel that way (One God, Two Voices – Ch.1).  My decision to vote for the lesser of two evils in the last election is one I still regret, but I have moved on to our current election. After reading that liberating article by Mr. Moore, I realize I have other options that are both biblical and ethical. However, while I wait, I am still doing as Sue suggests: I am praying, watching, and listening. Most of all, I am seeking for the candidate either now or in the future who can clearly demonstrate that he understands that God is truly his own personal Commander-in-Chief.

Deidre – Voice I

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