“Preaching What We Practice”

Recently, Deidre and I were blessed to be able to travel with our husbands on a cruise to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. It was such a blessing for the “Voices” to spend time with each other. An additional bonus was seeing beautiful sites in two different places that we had never visited.

20160209_151634We were also able to meet such friendly and encouraging people on board the ship, and watch Deidre’s husband, Larry, add to his following via his Karaoke performances!

Another highlight was getting to put into practice what Deidre’s pastor, Bishop McLaughlin, once told them – to preach what we already practice. That way people can see us doing what we are consistently saying. While wearing our “Color Is Love” T-shirts on board, we garnered the attention of several inquiring minds who wanted to know the meaning of the shirts (visit www.tphim.org and search “watch now” to find out more this Sunday. Feb. 14). It was a great way to spread the message of loving one another as Christ commands us in spite of our race, age, and background differences.

During this month devoted to showing and sharing LOVE, the Voices would like to encourage you to seek out someone outside of your regular social circle and offer them the Love of Christ. Hopefully, you can do this with ease because God abides in you. However,  you cannot give what you do not have. Do you have it?

I John 4:7

Deidre and Sue

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