Living Beyond Your “Groundhog Day!”

As we move into February, Deidre and I were discussing Bill Murray’s movie, “Groundhog Day.” We reflected on the major premise, living repetitiously or going through the motions, day by day. Sometimes it seems that life resembles a scene from this movie: the holidays are over, the school year is half over, the weather is dreary, and life can seem mundane. In the education setting with teachers and students, the adults in the building are attempting to move students “beyond the break,” when most of them are still mentally “on the break!” After a few days of this situation, even to the most enthusiastic teacher can be discouraged. However, we suggest realizing that you can always change things up a bit. We love Verne Hill’s quote, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got,” because it encourages us to move beyond the ordinary and do things in a different way.

When 2016 came in, Deidre and I wrote about “A New Year, A New Beginning.” It’s never too late to begin again and to stop the revolving door of mediocrity; halting your “ground hog” experience. Earlier through Sue’s Voice we reminded you to make good memories this school year and enjoy each moment. With the month of February, comes the message of love. We hope you stay encouraged as the school year continues to progress. May you experience the love of God clearly, and be able to share it daily with your students.

Two Voices As One,

Deidre and Sue

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