A Lesson From the Steer Barn

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we’ve posted – the “Voices” have been busy!

My June consisted of two trips to Virginia to pick up and return grandchildren for our VBS, one book sale, and preparation for a 3-day Festival which I am just finishing today.


If you look carefully, you can see my table set-up for the Wild & Wonderful Festival in Cottageville, Wv. The organizers  joked that I was the official “greeter” for the Steer (beef) Barn. I can’t tell you how much my husband enjoyed that!

This barn provided a lesson for me as another vendor and I found first one Barn Swallow egg fragment yesterday, and then another one today. We had noticed the birds flying in and out, and then located the nest. The discarded shells were so fragile; almost translucent. As I examined the shell, I wondered how in the world it had been strong enough to hold and protect the growing bird. I was reminded that God knows what He’s doing, and cares for His creation. The Bible says He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, and even the number of hairs on our head. He loves each of us – you can trust Him.



Musings At the End of the School Year



It’s been a busy couple of weeks in my area. My Facebook feed has been flooded with pictures of prom couples, sports’ playoffs, and finally . . . high school and college graduations. Yet another group of young people are leaving home and being launched into the real world of higher education and career possibilities. We remember attending numerous high school graduation ceremonies, watching former eighth graders in cap and gown four years later – it was always a moving experience.

Nothing really prepares either side for these milestones. Parents are losing daily interactions with their child, and this grown child is moving out into perceived freedom, but a lot more daily responsibilities. Lives are changed forever, hopefully in a positive way. Regardless of the upcoming challenges, our prayers are offered for all.

Congratulations, Class of 2018! May God bless you and your families.

Sue and Deidre

  • Don’t forget to check out YouTube for our four radio broadcasts taped last November with Pure Radio 103.7 FM & 1320 AM in Jacksonville. Just search for One God Two Voices and find the radio listing. Please let us know what you think. 


One Voice At A Time . . .

The “Voices” were busy last week, but separately. Deidre traveled back to Orlando where we had met Mrs. Cash at the 2017 FACCS convention (see our earlier post  – “Inspiring Young Writers”). She was invited to meet and speak to Mrs. Cash’s class, and thoroughly enjoyed them. During our recent conversation, she remarked to me that they were beautiful sixth graders, attentive to her, and were a blessing. I imagine there were lots of hugs going on! 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗

On Saturday, I attended a craft/vendor show in St.Albans, WV, and was extended an invitation as well. I will be returning to St. Andrew UMC in October to discuss our book for their Ladies Circle. I am looking forward to it, and am thankful for the opportunity.

God bless – Sue


Day #2



Today is day #2 at the Midwest Great Home School Convention. It will be a test in endurance as we will be exhibiting and selling the book from 9:30-6:45, and then presenting a workshop from 7:00-8:00. Centrum and coffee don’t fail us now!

All kidding aside, “We can do all things through Christ.”

Together Again!


Deidre and I are together at the Midwest Great Home School Convention in Cincinnati for the next three days. It’s always good to share, reminisce, and catch up.

Never Alone



Recently Sue and I had a scheduled home school convention to attend together in Greenville, SC. However, as it turned out, Sue had a death in her husband’s family that would present a need for her to be elsewhere, thus leaving the Two Voices down to One.  When my husband and I finally arrived in Greenville, I began to prepare our sales and presentation table alone. While Sue had done this set-up part at book sales alone many times before, this was my first time and I felt anxious. I began to pray and I asked God, “How shall I let our audience know that the Two Voices are only One this time?” Then in that still small voice that God uses to speak to us, I felt Him press into my spirit, “You are never alone. I’ll speak through you as always, but for both of you this time. I am the other voice.” With that inspiration, I felt ready.

In addition, God sent more encouragement to me through three visitors, and all were very encouraging in various ways. One stood out, Beth, who gave me permission to use her name. When I questioned her about why she decided to begin home schooling, she shared that her daughter, Susan, had several problems at school that went unaddressed for a while, and her son, Ben, was struggling also due to typical reading problems. Her story had a happy ending as both children did well with homeschooling, graduated from college, and now have productive careers as adults.

As public school teachers, Sue and I had to learn another side to the education story:  that sometimes the best place for learning to happen continues to be the home with the loving tutorage of a parent. I asked Beth to give new or prospective home school parents some points to ponder when considering or doing homeschooling. She replied, “Embrace every season from the snotty nose, clinging ones who are too soon gone, to every moment that helps build relationships.” She also said “to travel, travel, travel with your children because it creates many teaching moments. They learn geography, you see life in action – reenactments, see the actual rain cycle as it falls on your windshield, and learn about different people and better ways to react to them through these experiences.”

I knew God had sent Beth and others to inspire me. It gave me the momentum to arrive at our workshop time with confidence and purpose. We opened with prayer and song, and I briefly told those in attendance about Sue’s absence. The rest of the session went well as things fell into place. No matter how frail, afraid, or alone you may feel, you are not alone. God is always there to support you and meet your every need. Acknowledge Him and look up – your Redeemer will draw near to you for He is the true “lifter of our heads.”


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Prayers From Us

As teachers, every time the news reports another school shooting, we mourn over the waste of lives. Whether students, teachers, administrators, or others die, are seriously injured, or experience the trauma of such an experience, life is never the same for them and their families.

Our prayers are with those at Maryland’s Great Mills High School.

Deidre and Sue