When You Just Don’t Understand

I woke up this morning to news from Buffalo, NY, about a mass shooting at a grocery store. Fueled by radical teachings and hate, one person took the lives of ten people and injured others. My heart hurts and my prayers are lifted for all those who are affected by this tragedy.

Once again we have proof that evil exists in this world, actively seeking to divide and harm us. The One I follow teaches me to love and serve others. He will make all things right one day and prepares a place for me to be with Him forever.

Do you know Him? His name is Jesus and He wants a relationship with you. When I don’t understand the bad things that happen to me, my loved ones, or others I don’t even know, I can trust His words – “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John. 16:33

Please join me in prayer for those who are hurting, and trust God in these times that sometimes overwhelm us. He is in control.

God bless – Sue

Taco Thursday?

Yesterday, May 5, was the National Day of Prayer in our country – an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May that encourages people of all faiths to pray for our nation. This same day was also the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the remembrance of a Mexican victory in 1862, complete with all kinds of good food.

Which event got the most attention? I had to remind myself that my prayers for our country and people were of more importance than filling my stomach with tasty food. There are so many needs in our nation and the world today. Let us remember to look to our Heavenly Father for the answers and read His word daily for the encouragement we need. 2 Chronicles 7:14

God bless – Sue

I’m up early on this meaningful morning. I have followed the steps of Jesus during this past Holy Week – the triumphal entry into Jerusalem last Sunday, His teachings and healings in the city, the cleansing of the temple of those who had turned “His Father’s house” into a business, preparing for Passover, the teaching of His body and blood becoming the perfect sacrifice as He celebrated the first Holy Communion with His disciples in the upper room, the betrayal, the desertion, and the denial of those closest to Him, the arrest, trial, beating, crown of thorns, being forced to carry His cross to the place of execution, Golgotha, and His forgiveness of those who had treated Him so brutally. He died for us all so we could be forgiven, but Jesus’ story didn’t end in the borrowed tomb where He was laid on that Friday.

Today, Sunday, we celebrate His resurrection. He is alive forevermore and one day will welcome me and all others who have believed in Him for their salvation to the Heavenly home He has prepared for us. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Happy Easter.


He’s Waiting

My husband and I had the pleasure of spending part of yesterday with our granddaughter as she spent the night with us. Food, Wii bowling, TV, and visiting occupied our time. When I went to turn down her bed in the guest room, there under the comforter was Ruff-Ruff, her stuffed animal that has been with her most of her life. This almost 13-yr-old was thrilled because she had thought the special toy was lost since she hadn’t been able to find it at home. He had been waiting for her to return to the room and bed where she had left him on her last visit.

This reminds me that our Heavenly Father is also waiting for some of us to return to Him. Have you wandered away? Do you need to go back to a time when He was a part of your life? He’s waiting.

God bless – Sue

Blessed and Prayerful

Good morning, all. It’s Monday and I’m thankful for a new week and the sunshine streaming through the window. The grass is green, daffodils are blooming, and I feel encouraged with a whole week in front of me. What will I or we (my husband and I) choose to do? What will you choose to do with the hours and days that have been given to you?

As a retiree, I have the ability to choose the activities in my day, since I don’t have a work-week ahead of me. In reality, though, we all have choices in how we choose to spend our “free” time. I find myself busy with church activities and Bible study leadership, family activities, and occasional travel. After the last two years of restrictions, I feel blessed. When I consider the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, I feel guilty. Some of my time this week will be spent in prayer for all those experiencing warfare conditions. I ask you to join me in seeking God’s mercy on the people in this situation.

Use your week wisely – it’s time we won’t get back. God bless.