The True Light

The other night, i turned on the nightlight in my bathroom only to find that it had burned out. I had already switched off the bathroom light as I reached to turn on that alternate source. It was startling to me how dark my surroundings seemed.

I liken that experience to the way the world and my country, seem to me today. Somehow the light in our lives and culture has been turned way down, or is off entirely. When I think of times past – ten, twenty or more years ago – the contrast is amazingly dark. Everything is acceptable, nothing is deemed wrong. In fact the concept of “right and wrong” seem to not even be considered anymore, lest someone be offended.

May I offer a suggestion? We need the love of Christ. He himself told people that He was “the Light of the world.” The quote above says it all. If we follow what He taught, our world will be so much brighter. We will treat others as we want to be treated, and seek after truth. Jesus is the Light that we all need to follow.

God bless.


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Do the Hard Thing

I’m going to start today by asking you an uncomfortable question: In today’s world do you approach decisions, news, family interaction, just life in general, with a sense of doing what is “right?” Which begs another question: How do you know what’s right?

I’ve lived through more than a few decades, and have noticed a change, a distinct shift in the moral compass of the world today. No longer do many people react to life’s situations and challenges in a way I could characterize as “right.” What is more obvious is anger, entitlement, rudeness, and a “me first” behavior. Why is that? Were they never taught growing up how to respond to trying circumstances, or is it just easier to do what today’s culture has taught them?

My second question above is the more challenging one – how do we know what’s right? Many people would answer that question by pointing to societal norms, but I would encourage you to look deeper. Judeo-Christian teachings always lead in the way of selflessness not selfishness, in treating others the way we want to be treated, and doing what God taught in the Bible for the betterment of all. Is that easy? No! Many times it’s much harder than just reacting and doing what the world espouses – look out for #1. However, I believe that the hard thing is truly the right thing to do.

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Ready or Not, Here Comes A New School Year

We just returned from a camping trip for my husband’s family that also included a 50th Anniversary celebration. All ages were represented and I couldn’t get over how quickly some of the grandchildren/cousins had grown. Where do the years go? We currently have a college sophomore, a freshman, several rising middle schoolers, an elementary student, and three little ones represented in his family. My extended family is similar with high school and elementary ages represented. Parents and grandparents are dreading the good-byes for the older ones, and nervous about new school experiences for those leaving the relatively safe elementary school environment for the dreaded middle and high school experiences.

I hear friends and see online acquaintances expressing the same concerns as this new school year begins. I understand the helpless feeling of having little control over your children’s day and the wondering what kind of negative influences they will be exposed to at school.

At times like these, we pray. Even though we cannot be with our children at school, God can watch over them. May this year be a positive one for those you love.



Halfway Through Summer

Summer, 2022.

Record heat waves in Texas and other states, drought conditions, increasing gas prices, inflation causing everything to cost more, continued violence reported on the news daily. I could go on, but you get the picture; you’re living it too.

I’m so glad that my peace and security doesn’t depend on what is happening in the world or even around me. My hope remains in God, just as my salvation and future home rests in His Son, Jesus. Do you have that same security? Trust in Him.

God bless – Sue

(from the Bejamin Watson FB page)
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Another Holiday Approaches

It’s June 30th, and as I get ready to pay the monthly expenses, I marvel that another month has seemingly “melted” away. It’s time to begin the second half of 2022; unbelievable!

Monday is the 4th of July, the holiday that some battle-worn military veterans and dogs dread, as the fireworks bring back unwanted service memories and outright fear for our canine companions. The day also brings families together for those backyard or park barbeques, band concerts, and enjoying time making memories.

The Voices want to wish you a happy holiday. Especially in these challenging times, we can be thankful for days to celebrate and enjoy, whether it’s outside or watching special TV programming. Thank you, Lord, for this blessing.