There’s A Place For You, Too

Good morning on this Lord’s day.
I’m watching David Jeremiah’s sermon on Heaven and contemplating how wonderful that place will be. Brilliantly created, perfect, eternal, with a residence created just for me because of my acceptance of Jesus as my Savior for the forgiveness of my sins. Of course, I have to ask God for this forgiveness and try my best to do things His way.
Aren’t I special!
No, not really because a reservation in this eternal home is available for all – for you. God will create your mansion as well; a place so perfect and wonderful that we can’t comprehend it now. However, we’ll understand it perfectly once we enter that City. It will be so wonderful, we can only imagine.

God bless. . . Sue

One More Time

I hope you enjoyed the earlier posting with the song I shared. It is an uplifting promise from our Heavenly Father.
Unfortunately, my chubby finger hit the wrong selection. This one is the one I meant to share. Now you have another one to enjoy. 😇
Be blessed – Sue

The End of Another Month

It’s July 30, the end of another month in 2020, the year that most of us wish would just go away. How many of us are blessed to not have contracted the Covid virus or have family members that are unaffected as well? How many know someone who survived this illness and has recovered? For all those good examples, I am very thankful. Yet, some days I feel afraid because of the uncertainty, or angry as I watch events unfolding across our country. Is that the response I should have as a Christian?

So I turn off the news and listen to Christian music. I am reminded that the Bible tells us not to fear 365 times, once for each day of the year.
I remember one of my Mother’s favorite verses, “Be still and know that I am God,” and that Jesus taught that, “With God, nothing is impossible.”

For those of us who believe in a God who created this world, counts the hairs on our head, and knows the end from the beginning – we should not fear! He has this under control. Turn off the distracting voices and worship Him, beginning with one of my Dad’s favorite songs.

God bless,

Keep Praying and Trusting

The challenges of 2020 continue, but our God is able to overcome the enemy and give us the strength to endure. Please keep praying for our country, that we stay safe and strong in the face of the virus, disruptive tensions, and divisive decisions that don’t honor God. We so need His peace more than ever.
I pray for eyes and hearts to be opened to the Lord, and for revival to happen in this land – that many will come to know Jesus as their Saviour.
God bless you.

Listen to the link below and be encouraged.


“The Greatest of These Is Love”

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“Assuredly I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus Christ
Matthew 18:3

Prayers for all of us,