He Is Risen!

The account of Jesus in the Bible includes many wonderful stories and one heartbreaking one – His torture and crucifixion. Imagine loving Him, believing in His Sovereignty, and watching Him die. What a lengthy time between Friday and Sunday, when all hope seemed gone.
What a lesson for us when our circumstances seem bleak and unending.

Jesus is alive! He has conquered all our hopeless situations, every disease, and all our problems. Knowing that, we can call the devil a liar and embrace the hope that is ours in Christ. Happy Resurrection Sunday – He is risen!

A Visit to the Tomb

One of my “bucket list” items has been to visit Israel and see many of the places I have read about in the Bible. During this weekend my mind drifts to the events that happened over two thousand years ago when Jesus died for me and paid the price for my sin. I have been following a CBN Facebook site, Jerusalem Dateline, since Palm Sunday. and have viewed the streets of the city for the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, the Via Dolorosa or path Jesus took, carrying His cross, and finally today – the place where it is believed He was not only crucified but buried for a brief time.

The link is below if you too would like to visit. It’s the next best thing to actually being there.


It’s Not About the Bunny

Holy Week started two days ago, on Palm Sunday. The wonderful response to Jesus entering Jerusalem would change rapidly. Below is the Biblical chronology of events. Take time to ponder how much you are loved by your Father, that He would send His son for your salvation.


Day by Day . . .

A couple of days ago as I walked outside on our back deck, I glanced over into my neighbor’s yard. Her trees were blooming in bright pink and white blossoms. Yesterday was the Spring Solstice that I used to teach about – the time when the sun is directly over the Equator as we move from the cold weather towards spring and summer. We’ve made it through winter, people!

What if we also viewed this change in our circumstances in light of the pandemic? What if we could change our fear of the Coronavirus into a journey towards hopefulness and healing. Whether by vaccines, immunity, or prayer, we are hopefully moving in the right direction. My underlying faith teaches me that God is in control and will orchestrate everything for our good if we believe and trust in Him. (Romans 8:28)

Let’s start believing in Him and He will bring us through. God bless.


“Do Unto Others . . .”


Did you ever come across an idea that was too good to keep to yourself? That happened to me recently when I was catching up with some unread articles from Decision magazine, and came across one from author Karen Kingsbury. Entitled “You Were Seen,” the article really spoke to me, and I’m now sharing the idea she related – a cross between paying it forward and evangelism. It could be used by Sunday School classes, youth groups, or anyone who wants to help to brighten someone’s circumstances while also giving them a resource to change their life.

Please check out the link to the article. God bless.


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