Encouraging Young Writers

photo2                                            Hello to Mrs. Cash’s class in Orlando, FL !

Deidre and I met Mrs. Cash at the FACCS conference in Orlando last November. She bought our book and was kind enough to let us know how much she enjoyed it. One of her requests was that we could encourage her sixth graders to try their hands at writing also. So this blog post is a big “SHOUT OUT” to her class with a few suggestions to hopefully light the writing fire under these students, so they can begin creating their own work:

🖊 How about a daily journal or diary where you can write down important or everyday events that happen in your life? These entries could eventually lead to writing stories about them. (You’ll look back later and enjoy remembering!)

🖊 Are you interested in your roots? You could ask your family for names, dates, and past history concerning ancestors, and write stories about them. Put yourself back in their time period and tell the story from your perspective.

🖊 How about sports? You could write about your favorite team’s latest victory or loss, the Super Bowl game, or NBA playoff? Maybe hockey, tennis, golf, or something you saw from the recent Winter Olympics would be a good choice for you. (This could eventually lead to a commentator’s job on a TV or radio station as they have to write their own scripts.)

🖊 What about starting a class or individual newspaper that tells about weekly happenings at your school? If you enjoy drawing, you could sketch some pictures as well.

🖊 Do you like video games? How about writing a story based on one of them. Choose a character and get started on your very own imaginary adventure.

Any or all of these suggestions can get you started in writing. Someone once said, “Practice makes perfect.” Like anything else, the more you write, the easier it becomes. Maybe one day, you can begin your very own fiction or non-fiction book. Get those words down on paper!

We wish you well,

“The Voices” – Sue and Deidre

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Kneeling and looking up!


Deidre and I have been encouraged in learning about the Philadelphia Eagles focus on Jesus Christ this season. Several articles and pictures on social media have shown four or more teammates being baptized as other Eagles watched, their backup quarterback, Nick Foles, is an well-spoken Christian who contemplates becoming a pastor after his football career has ended, and the Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, gave glory to God for their Super Bowl win this past Sunday. To cap it all off, you can google a picture and video of the team kneeling in prayer on the field and in the locker room after their Super Bowl win.

Deidre and I have discussed several times during this controversial “anthem kneeling” season that there is only ONE reason to kneel, and that is to pray, give glory, or honor to God. It was so refreshing to actually see a football team do so.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles – the 2018 Super Bowl champions! Members of this team have set their priorities on something that will last into eternity:  a relationship with Jesus Christ.





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A January To Remember!



Snowfall, wind, ice, school closings . . . sleeping in, cocoa, movies, boredom.  This has been a month to remember due to the weather. I don’t recall being stuck in our house for this long before. Prayers for all that your heat is working, the food supply is holding out (those kiddos do eat, don’t they!), and life will return to normal soon.

If you’re interested, go to YouTube and search for One God, Two Voices. Then look for the Pure Radio station posting, and our four “A Conversation With the Voices” broadcasts are now available for your listening pleasure. Each is about 15 minutes long and concludes with a related song we think you will enjoy. Feel free to share.

God bless,

Sue and Deidre

Go Into 2018 With Confidence


As a new year is under way, the above quote from the Our Daily Bread devotional site is important to consider. Every New Year’s Eve most of us are more than willing to move on from the final day of the “old” year into the uncharted territory of the “new,” as it’s a fresh start. Hopefully there will be wonderful events awaiting us in the next 356 days, but we never know what challenging difficulties might also occur. It’s so encouraging to know that God will be with us regardless of what happens. His Word assures us of this:

Deut. 31:6 –  “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified . . . for the Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you or forsake you.”

“. . . For He hath said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Heb. 13:5

Rest in Him this year.

Sue – Voice I

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Merry Christmas!


Remembering the real reason for this holiday – the birth of our Savior. Out of His love for us, God gave the greatest gift. The “Voices” wish you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2018.

Sue and Deidre


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I Had No Idea . . .




News stories lately seem to have similar topics – another male celebrity, politician, or person in power accused of sexual misconduct.  The extent to which this problem has existed just boggles my mind. Am I really so out-of-the-loop and protected from reality? Could this current situation have been exaggerated? As the title suggests, I had no idea so many women had been affected by sexual harassment. When I raised suspicions as to the validity of 30-40 year-old accusations, or mentioned that it was a dangerous time to be a man because the current social climate makes it difficult to defend yourself, I was met with downright hostility by some women. Their response: ” It’s about time, because it’s always been hard to be a woman!”

How far we have fallen from God’s original design. Man as a protector and woman as a help mate. Lifetime commitments and love for each other. Sexual intimacy reserved for marriage with no “sleeping around” for either party. The 7th commandment – “Thou shalt not commit adultery” – was written for a reason, followed by Matthew 5:28: “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart,” spoken by Jesus in God’s Word. The current situation we find ourselves in today mirrors what that Word also says about the things we do in secret eventually coming to light (Luke 8:17). Such a sad situation! I pray we each examine ourselves.

Sue – Voice II

AMEN and AMEN to that. I wholeheartedly agree with what you stated here,  Sue.

Deidre- Voice I


Happy Thanksgiving


This is the time of year for being grateful and remembering blessings. Not only do we both feel thankful for family, friends,  good food, shelter, and great memories of times that have passed, we are also so grateful for the opportunity that God has given us in our book ministry to meet, encourage, and be encouraged by so many. We would like to take this time to thank those people who have taken the time to reach out and let us know that our “voices” have made a difference in their lives. You have blessed us!

Deidre and Sue