When You Can’t See

Yesterday was Saturday of Holy Week – the day after Good Friday when those who followed Jesus were still reeling from His death on a brutal Roman cross. They had seen Him beaten, mocked, crucified, and laid in a borrowed tomb.

The reality of His death had to hit anew when they awoke that next day. I can’t imagine the grief and fear that gripped their hearts. Everything they had hoped for was gone; their Master was dead. They couldn’t see how to overcome the tragedy of His loss, or how to go on with their lives without Him.

Yet by Sunday morning, just a day later, everything had changed. Jesus was alive and hope had returned. Never had the phrase, “what a difference a day makes,” been more true. Life had a purpose again.

Have you had a “Saturday” recently when you can’t see how to go on or understand why something is happening? Sometimes we have no idea what awaits us in the midst of a hard time. Fearful of the future, we can’t imagine a brighter tomorrow. Easter Sunday proves that something good can come from a very bad situation when God is in control. Hang on, keep believing for something better. The resurrection proves that “nothing is impossible for God” (Luke 1:37, Matt. 19:26).

Happy Easter!

God bless – Sue

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