Ready or Not, Here Comes A New School Year

We just returned from a camping trip for my husband’s family that also included a 50th Anniversary celebration. All ages were represented and I couldn’t get over how quickly some of the grandchildren/cousins had grown. Where do the years go? We currently have a college sophomore, a freshman, several rising middle schoolers, an elementary student, and three little ones represented in his family. My extended family is similar with high school and elementary ages represented. Parents and grandparents are dreading the good-byes for the older ones, and nervous about new school experiences for those leaving the relatively safe elementary school environment for the dreaded middle and high school experiences.

I hear friends and see online acquaintances expressing the same concerns as this new school year begins. I understand the helpless feeling of having little control over your children’s day and the wondering what kind of negative influences they will be exposed to at school.

At times like these, we pray. Even though we cannot be with our children at school, God can watch over them. May this year be a positive one for those you love.



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