In Times Like These

I just returned from watching the latest Top Gun movie, and really enjoyed this fast-paced version. It brought back memories of the original and my immediate reflections on how much has happened since then in my personal life and the world as a whole. Watching the aerial scenes in 1986 made me think how much my Dad, a WWII Army-Air Force pilot would enjoy the movie. I called him when I got home, and he and my mother watched it the next day. His comment to me was, “I was born in the wrong generation!” How he would have enjoyed flying those planes he watched in the movie.

My Dad passed away several years later, I completed my college degree, taught school for 18 yrs, and then my husband and I retired to help care for my mother and father-in-law in their final years. My life is so different now from the first time I watched those fighter jets soar. Our children are grown, grandchildren are in their teens, and I am approaching the time when I might need the care I once gave.

I guess this is “sunrise, sunset,” also known as the circle of life. I am thankful for my current blessings as I mentioned in my previous post, but in times like these I fondly remember those earlier years when life was busy, but seemed so much simpler. So my advice for the day is to treasure the important things – family, faith, and friends – everything else will take care of itself.

God bless – Sue

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