He’s Waiting

My husband and I had the pleasure of spending part of yesterday with our granddaughter as she spent the night with us. Food, Wii bowling, TV, and visiting occupied our time. When I went to turn down her bed in the guest room, there under the comforter was Ruff-Ruff, her stuffed animal that has been with her most of her life. This almost 13-yr-old was thrilled because she had thought the special toy was lost since she hadn’t been able to find it at home. He had been waiting for her to return to the room and bed where she had left him on her last visit.

This reminds me that our Heavenly Father is also waiting for some of us to return to Him. Have you wandered away? Do you need to go back to a time when He was a part of your life? He’s waiting.

God bless – Sue

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