Good Morning

I just turned the block from 2 to 3 on my perpetual calendar – how is it the 23rd of May? This year is passing rapidly and we have hit the month of graduations, about to be followed by the month of weddings. My family will experience both this year, and that is a blessing. Time passes quickly especially after last year seemed to drag by during our lockdowns.

What did you do when there were no movies, concerts, games, or school events to attend? Was it just TV and reading? I discovered many FB websites that posted daily/weekly updates that I could enjoy on my tablet. I followed bear cubs on Appalachian Bear Rescue, enjoyed farm animals’ antics on the ImaSurvivor posts, and listened to uplifting music (On the bench with Briley) and sermons from many pastors across the nation, as well as following several devotional pages online. My BSF – Bible Study Fellowship – kept going last year via Zoom. It wasn’t quite the same, but we continued our study of Genesis and interacted as best we could. My life wasn’t boring, and I believe I grew spiritually as I trusted the Lord to keep me and my family safe, and prayed for many people as I became aware of their needs from emails and FB posts.

God alone knows what will happen during the rest of 2021. I have learned to trust in Him. Regardless of how it looks in our personal life, nation’s challenges, or world’s problems – He is in control. Rest in that thought.

God bless . . . Sue

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