Are You Tired?


Do you ever get tired? Not physically tired, but just worn out listening to news, observing bad drivers, seeing yet another advertisement for a TV show you would never watch (wondering how in the world anyone thought it was even appropriate), hearing about a new law being considered by legislators who should know better, observing one phone video after another on social media that demonstrates unacceptable behavior – just tired!
I’m about to that point, but I’ve decided to try and “keep on keeping on” until the Lord takes me home. I’m praying more too because there seems to be a lot of situations that can only be handled in that way.
God told us in His word that these days would come – a falling away from His ways, natural disasters, people calling wrong things “right” and right things “wrong.” He told us; so I pray . . . but I’m tired.
Then I remind myself that it’s ok to be tired because He will sustain me and never leave me.
Are you tired too? Remind yourself of what I just said, and remember that God is in control – even when it doesn’t look like it.

Sue – Voice II

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