Does Size Really Matter in the End?


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“The size of your ministry isn’t proof of the success of your ministry.”                                                                                            – Ann Voskamp

Do any of you out there have a need for this reminder? I sure did when I read it recently. Let me explain why.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you strive to grow what you believe is your calling . . . your ministry (our book), and the “No’s” outnumber the positive responses. You know you shouldn’t ask, but the “why’s” just keep popping into your head. So much effort, time, travel, and expense with less-than-anticipated results. I keep telling myself that “It’s all in God’s hands,” and then go back to working and wondering.

Then I read one of Ann Voskamp’s latest blogs, and that one sentence I shared above resonated immediately. I read it three times! I began to rethink my mindset and started focusing on the many enjoyable comments and discussions I’ve had with people at events I’ve attended over the last couple of years. I remember the many conventions Deidre and I have attended, spending valuable time together and speaking once again as a team. Probably the most unexpected blessing was an encouraging phone message from someone who read and enjoyed our book so much that she just had to reach out and call me. I still have that phone message saved on my cell. 🙂

Our book has made a difference. It has changed some people’s thinking, and encouraged others to keep doing things God’s way. We were obedient in writing and publishing what God laid on our hearts. The size of our book ministry has not reached our expectations – yet, but it has reached people, one reader at a time. I have to remember that is enough!


3 thoughts on “Does Size Really Matter in the End?

  1. Oh beautiful Sue, me too. And I get so discouraged. And now with being sick and feeling blah about my upcoming teaching using my book at our church this fall, I ask God, “Am I running ahead of You? Is this what YOU want me to be doing?” Thank you for this encouragement and being so transparent. The Lord loves us and lives in us and lives through us as us. That’s His promise. Let’s keep on “dancing in the Spirit.” Love to you and De…your sister, Jan

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  2. Thank you, Jan. He will lead us where we should go. I hope you feel well enough to teach this Fall. You will give them wisdom. Love and hugs.

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