Precious Memories on Mother’s Day


throse   (weknowyourdreams)

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day. Our mother was our first home – we grew and developed within her womb. God used her to give us life itself! This day is special for many, but can be difficult as well. Some people had traumatic experiences growing up and do not have pleasant memories of their mom. This day possibly brings painful memories back to the present.

For some like Deidre, this will be the first Mother’s Day without their mother. It will be a bittersweet day, remembering the good times, but missing the person. Sue understands, as she has spent the last four years honoring a memory, after losing her mother in 2013.

Just because your mother is not here physically, she remains always in your memory. The “Voices” want to take this opportunity to honor all mothers, whether they played an important role in shaping who you are, or simply gave you life.


Deidre and Sue

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