Is Spring Break Really A Break?



The Two Voices say, “No,” not for everyone and especially not for parents and care givers. Our world can be a dangerous one for the most vulnerable among us – our children – so we want to encourage parents and other family members to be on the “look-out” for them during this season of spring break for young people of all ages across America and around the world.

Please pay attention to them – monitor their activities, hold them accountable for the places, people, and activities they plan to enjoy. Take some time to engage in family activities together like preparing and eating a meal around the dinner table, or simply enjoying a movie, popcorn, or pizza night at home.

“Let the good times roll.” Just ¬†remember, it is still okay to say, NO if you have doubts about the safety, appropriateness, or people involved with your child. “Hindsight is 20/20” some people say, but regret can last forever. Be pro-active and have a great week!

Deidre and Sue

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