Is Spring Break Really A Break?



The Two Voices say, “No,” not for everyone and especially not for parents and care givers. Our world can be a dangerous one for the most vulnerable among us – our children – so we want to encourage parents and other family members to be on the “look-out” for them during this season of spring break for young people of all ages across America and around the world.

Please pay attention to them – monitor their activities, hold them accountable for the places, people, and activities they plan to enjoy. Take some time to engage in family activities together like preparing and eating a meal around the dinner table, or simply enjoying a movie, popcorn, or pizza night at home.

“Let the good times roll.” Just  remember, it is still okay to say, NO if you have doubts about the safety, appropriateness, or people involved with your child. “Hindsight is 20/20” some people say, but regret can last forever. Be pro-active and have a great week!

Deidre and Sue

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