Are Teachers Born, Bred, or Both?


I saw this plaque at an Amish store in Huntington, WV. My sister-in-law and I were hitting an outlet near our campground, and decided to check out the cheeses and the brownies!! As we browsed the shop, I found an Arts & Crafts area which displayed several pictures and this thought-provoking quote caught my eye. Thinking of Deidre and our “Two Voices” blog, I snapped a picture on my phone. It’s a perfect lead-in for our title. What do you think? Born, bred, or both?

I know that Deidre and I agree and write about our observation that talented, creative teachers seem to be born for the career (Ch. II – Teacher To Teacher). Gifted from the beginning with an innate ability to educate, emphasize, and encourage, they also demonstrate the care and patience it takes to reach even the most difficult learners. However, can beginning educators learn from experienced teachers and become experts in their craft? I believe so, because mentorship programs have proven highly successful in this area. We need people who want to make a difference in the lives of our children and young people to enter our Colleges of Education. We are each given talents by our Creator; the Bible even mentions that “It was He who gave some to be . . . teachers.”

The person who designed the plaque shown above seems to possess the caring qualities I would want in my child’s or grandchild’s classroom. A robot can share information . . . I don’t think it can teach. There’s a difference.

Sue – Voice II

My co-author has made several great points. I do believe that some teachers are truly born to teach according to Ephesians 4:11-12. Based on scripture, some individuals have been given the gift of teaching from God in order to help equip other people in the church and also help them reach their own full potential in Christ. This precious gift of teaching includes teachers preparing other teachers as well.

In some cases, people may feel like they were bred to become a teacher because they come from a family of talented teachers who enjoy teaching and have a love for sharing knowledge. They believe that they must pass it down from generation to generation and may even state how teaching is in their blood. That simply means they were born to do it. What a blessing it is to be given the high calling and responsibility to teach. Either way, once you discover being a teacher is a vital part of your existence, begin to do exactly what you were born to do.

Deidre- Voice I

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