Merry Christmas!



2016 has been a whirlwind of a busy year as we have published and marketed our book, ONE GOD, Two Voices. Now is the time to step back and enjoy the blessed holiday of Christmas .  Voice II – Sue – just participated in her church’s cantata: “Almost There” (created by Michel W. Smith, Wes King, Bradley Knight, and Luke Gambill). We would like to share some of the narrative that accompanied the musical selections:

“The child in Mary’s womb was the Word that made the worlds. He was the God who spoke . . . and the universe was.”

“In the beginning in our perfect paradise, man fell. It could have all ended that day, but God gave a promise – a Christmas promise. Emmanuel with you in your loss, your doubt, and your disappointment.”

“The Word made flesh, who stepped out of everywhere, into an insignificant somewhere, into a virgin’s womb, into a stable in Bethlehem, to save a fallen world that He so loved. He stepped out of His everywhere into your somewhere. He is the quiet voice calling you. You are not alone – God is with you.”

“Emmanuel, God with us, the Creator of all things becomes a child. He is closer than your heartbeat. He is the Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Emmanuel.”

Likewise, Voice l was highly blessed and delighted as she watched The Potter’s House Christian Academy, including her grand daughter, Saniyah, perform at their school’s second annual cantata. Students from ages three right up to twelfth grade displayed an array of talents and Christmas favorites including, “Happy Birthday Jesus” (Brooklyn Tabernacle Choirs’ version); “Now Behold The Lamb” (Kirk Franklin’s version); and the Grand Finale of , “Merry Christmas, Jesus (There is no Christmas Without You)”. That version by John P. Kee definitely put the icing on the birthday cake, and it was truly all for JESUS.” GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!”

This is why Christmas is so much more than presents, food, bowl games, and parties. God sought us to save us, unworthy as we are . . . and we are so grateful. God bless you and yours.

Deidre and Sue

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