New year: New You?


Are you one to make resolutions when the calendar page says January 1? Let’s see – lose weight, eat healthier, finish that degree, or carve more family time into your schedule. Those all sound like good choices, don’t they; but what would you add?

Teachers, I wish for you more meaningful time with your students in 2016, where the “light bulb” of understanding flashes on before your eyes. Parents, I am hoping for more face time with your children without the distraction of your cell phone interrupting the personal exchange. Students, I yearn for you to learn about priorities as you move through middle and high school. As Deidre and I wrote in Ch. 4 of our book (Teacher to Student), some opportunities will only be offered once, so take advantage of them now. Your social media is not as important as focusing on things that will affect your future!

Happy New Year to you all! May the Christ of the Bible become more real to you in this year as we draw nearer to His return.

Sue – Voice II

My pastor, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, preached a powerful message on New Year’s Eve entitled, “The Lord Will Help Us In 2016.” I will not even begin to paraphrase or summarize his message because I would not do it justice. However, what I personally gleaned from his message and would like to pass on to our readers is this: 2016 may not be better than 2015. In fact, with global catastrophic weather conditions, a seemingly uncontrollable world enemy called ISIS/ISIL and growing racial discord that is ready to further explode at any moment, 2016 will probably be worse than last year. As Christians, we have to brace ourselves for the worst as we continue to praise God for bringing us through every trial up to this point. In times like these, we must know without any doubt, that God is truly on our side.

Trials come to help us change and grow more into the image of Christ. Transformation can only take place when we become willing vessels by yielding to the plan of God for our lives. Repentance can take place when we begin to ask God to forgive us by admitting all of our faults, and humbly asking Him for help. We must constantly know just how much we really need God in our lives on a daily basis by seeking out His direction for how we need to move forward in life.

You can start by thinking about this:  “If it had not been for the Lord who was on our (my) side…, truly, where would we (I) be?”  (Psalm 124:1-8, KJV)

Deidre- Voice I


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