Our First Appearance As One God, Two Voices Authors



This past week was a whirling blur as the Two Voices made their first appearance as authors at the Florida Association of Christian Colleges & Schools (FACCS) convention in Orlando, FL. Needless to say, after driving from West Virginia, unloading and setting up our booth, staying busy for ten hours the first day, and seven the next, Mickey Mouse was totally forgotten and ignored! We met some wonderful people as we handed out bookmarks and business cards, and discussed our book with some of the many people passing by our area. We shared the basic premises of our work: “People are more alike than different, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and Christians need to take a stand for God and His Word NOW to help return our country to the principles on which it was founded, and leave a positive legacy for our children.” Of course, in a Christian conference, we were “preaching to the choir,” but it was so encouraging to listen to the comments of others and to place our work into the hands of those who purchased a copy. Listening to the incredible vocals of Veritas was an added bonus. If you haven’t heard this five-member group of three tenors, a bass, and a baritone – you are definitely missing something!!

However, the highlight of the conference had to be reconnecting with a former eighth-grade student who had expressed interest in seeing us again. We let her know where we were and she drove over with a friend to give/receive hugs and purchase a book. What a blessing it was to see April again! We had come full circle as one of our “kids” from the classroom came to encourage us as an adult.


Moments after walking her to the car and waving good-bye, it was time to pack up and leave this very first event. All the exhaustion and work was worth it . . . we knew we had made a difference in the life of this one student, now an adult with a handsome husband and three beautiful children of her own. God is indeed good! In another eight days we will drive to Charlottesville, VA, for another conference – the ODACS gathering. It will be time for the Two Voices to experience another venue with perhaps more blessings. I can’t wait!

Sue – Voice II

What more can I say? Absolutely nothing – Sue has said it all so well. It was an exhilarating time, like planning and anticipating a prom or another big event; so much preparation . . . and then, it’s over. Now on to the next!

Also, I wish to thank all my colleagues from the Potter’s House Christian Academy and everyone else for all their encouraging words and supporting our book ministry. Thank you so much.

Deidre – Voice I

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